20 Pics Of Flawed Cats That Got People Wondering, ‘What’s Wrong With My Cat?’

Exploring the Quirky World of Flawed Cats: A Glimpse into the Subreddit “What’s Wrong With My Cat?”

Cats have always been enigmatic creatures, with their aloof demeanor and peculiar behaviors often leaving their owners scratching their heads in bemusement. However, in the world of feline companionship, there exists a subset of cats that defy even the most seasoned cat aficionado’s understanding—flawed cats. These unique felines possess quirks and characteristics that set them apart from the typical purr machine, often prompting their owners to wonder, “What’s wrong with my cat?”

Curated from the depths of the internet, specifically from the Sub Reddit “What’s Wrong With Your Cat?“, come intriguing images showcasing these flawed cats in all their glory. From cats with unconventional facial expressions to those with weird sleeping positions, each picture tells a story of a cat that marches to the beat of its own drum. ‘

In a world where cat memes reign supreme, these flawed cats serve as a reminder of the endless fascination and entertainment that our feline friends provide. So the next time you find yourself pondering the mysteries of your own cat’s peculiarities, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone in wondering, “What’s wrong with my cat?”

1. Any ideas_ It’s not catnip

Any ideas_ It’s not catnip - Flawed Cats
Source: 0hthehuman1ty

2. Curly has quite an interesting sleeping position on my desk

Curly has quite an interesting sleeping position on my desk - Flawed Cats
Source: metsadeer

3. Do not want this brush.

Do not want this brush. - Flawed Cats
Source: Daenyr

4. Found him napping like this

5. He thinks he’s invisible

6. He’s not normal!!

He’s not normal!! - Flawed Cats
Source: ZorasDomain22

7. Help, she forgot how gravity works!

8.Is he having an existential crisis after the lion cut or auditioning poorly for supermodel cats

Is he having an existential crisis after the lion cut or auditioning poorly for r_supermodelcats_ - Flawed Cats
Source: NefariousArtichoke

9. Life’s too hard, man

Life's too hard, man - Flawed Cats
Source: catcurio

10. my couch keeps attacking me

my couch keeps attacking me - Flawed Cats
Source: trashabilly

11. No Thoughts, Head Empty

No Thoughts, Head Empty - Flawed Cats
Source: DaFlabbagasta

12. Oh, me_ Just hanging around

Oh, me_ Just hanging around - Flawed Cats
Source: chezbo425

13. Right at the crime scene

Right at the crime scene - Flawed Cats
Source: tubizcoxito

14. Seriously Dan_ You can’t turn on the tv_

Seriously Dan_ You can't turn on the tv_ - Flawed Cats
Source: catcurio

15. They just sit in the shower at random times.

16. This is the reason we can’t keep throw blankets on the couch.

17. We’re having WHAT for dinner_!

We're having WHAT for dinner_! - Flawed Cats
Source: PuffyDugout

18. Why are they obsessed with boxes

19. Why does she look like this

20. Yes, tell me what’s the matter

Yes, tell me what's the matter - Flawed Cats
Source: catcurio


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