50 Pie Jokes That Will Leave You Rolling in Dough

Whisking Up Laughter: A Delectable Compilation of Pie Jokes to Leave You Rolling in Dough

If you’ve ever wondered how to elevate your mood with a hearty dose of laughter, look no further than our collection of “Pie Jokes” These rib-tickling one-liners and clever quips are designed to whisk you away into a world where puns and pastry collide, delivering a delightful symphony of laughter.

The joy of these pie jokes lies not just in their humor but also in their ability to lighten the atmosphere, making them perfect for sharing with friends, family, or even fellow pie enthusiasts. Whether you’re a fan of classic apple pie, a devotee of pecan perfection, or someone who can’t resist the allure of a tangy lemon meringue, these pie jokes cater to every taste, just like the diverse world of pies itself. Each pie joke is crafted with the precision of a pastry chef, ensuring a perfect blend of wordplay and wit that will have you rolling in dough, both figuratively and, perhaps, in the kitchen.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready for a pie-tastic adventure through pie jokes that are bound to fill your day with joy and have you rolling in laughter dough.

1- Why did the apple pie decide to join the circus?
It enjoyed all the apple-ause.

2- What do you call a dessert flying an airplane?
A pie-lot.

3- What do you term a road filled with pies?
A desserted street.

4- How do you describe an apple pie that’s smoking a joint?
It’s a baked apple pie.

5- What was the ghost’s favored dessert?
Boo-Berry pie.

6- If you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter, what do you get?
Pumpkin pi.

7- What do you obtain when you divide the sun’s circumference by its diameter?
Pi in the sky.

8- What type of graphs do engineers create after Thanksgiving dinner?
Pie charts.

9- Have you ever tasted a synonym pie?
No, but I believe I’ve had something similar.

10- What’s the protein content in a slice of chocolate pie?
3.142 grams.

11- Which pie is considered the most aesthetically pleasing?
A pumpkin pie, as it is truly gourd-geous.

12- Why did the pumpkin pie go to a dentist?
Because it needed a filling.

13- If it took six kids one hour to eat all the apple pies in the bakery, how many hours would it take three kids?
None because the six kids ate them all already.

14- How did the apple travel to the pie shop?
It went on a pie-cycle.

15- How was the sweet potato pie during Thanksgiving?
Absolutely yamtastic.

16- Yo mama so fat, she thought PewDiePie was a dessert!

17- What’s the issue with eating too much pumpkin pie this time of year?
You’ll get autumn’y ache.

18- What did the apple pie reply when its friend requested a slice?
Pie not.

19- What is a math teacher’s favorite dessert?

20- What led to the cherry pie and apple pie ending their relationship?
They encountered issues with their crust.

21- Who was the pie’s beloved pop star?
Pumpkin Pie Spice.

22- Why did the pie go to therapy?
Because it had too many crust issues!

23- Why is it hard to work at an apple pie factory?
They have such a high turnover rate.

24- Who guided all the apples to the bakery?
The Pie Piper.

25- What do you get when you eat 3.14 slices of cake?

26- What do you call a pie that’s good at math?
3.14159… delicious!

27- Why did the pie decide to cross the road?
It was meeting up with a potato.

28- How do you fix a broken pumpkin pie?
With a pumpkin patch!

29- What do you call a pie that’s been working out at the gym?
A buff pastry!

30- How do you make a pumpkin laugh?
Pie him in the face!

31- How many chefs specializing in pastries are required to make a pie?

32- Why did the math book look sad at the bakery?
Because it had too many problems with pi!

33- How do you comfort a sad pie?
You butter it up!

34- What’s a pie’s favorite James Bond movie?
“Pie Another Day”!

35- Why did the cherry pie break up with the blueberry pie?
It just wasn’t the right “filling.”

36- What’s a pie’s favorite day of the week?

37- What did one pie say to the other at the party?
“You’re such a cutie-pie!”

38- Why did the pie go to school?
It wanted to be a smarty-pie!

39- What’s a pirate’s favorite kind of pie?
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrtichoke pie!

40- Why did the apple pie shed tears?
Its peelings were hurt.

41- What’s the title of a fantasy adventure movie featuring baked goods and a Bengal tiger?
Life of Pie.

42- How did the audience cheer the Apple Pie for its sensational performance?
With an apple-ause!

43- Why did the pie become an astronaut?
It wanted to be the first pastry in space!

44- Did you hear about a local shop having a pie sale?
3.1 for 2.

45- What do you get when you cross a pie with a snake?
A python!

46- How easy is it to stroll along on pies?
Well, it’s no cakewalk.

47- At what temperature do you bake two pies?
360 degrees.

48- What’s a pie’s favorite board game?

49- Why did the pie get in trouble with the law?
It was caught “flaking”!

50- What did the pumpkin say after Thanksgiving?
Good-pie everyone.

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