25 Savage Comebacks Ever That Left People Speechless

A list of savage comebacks of all time that will shutdown any hater

You know what they say: words hurt, and sometimes the best way to get revenge is with savage comebacks.

We’ve all been there before. Someone says something hurtful, and we freeze up, not knowing what to say in response. That’s when we wish we had come up with a savage comeback that would have left the other person speechless.

The ability to think on your feet and come up with a witty comeback is a valuable skill. It can help you defuse a tense situation, put someone in their place, or just make you feel better about yourself.

Chameleon Memes has compiled a list of the best savage comebacks that left people speechless.

1 – Hurtfully Awkward

Did it hurt
Source: Aumnile

2 – Shot down!

Did you fall from heaven
Source: Aumnile

3 – Savage girl

Do you wanna sit on my face
Source: Aumnile

4 – When you’re ahead of the curve

Do you want the washing machine
Source: Aumnile

5 – War of emojis

Game of emojis
Source: Aumnile

6 – From couch to ouch

I have standards
Source: Aumnile

7 – Giving it back be like…

I prefer tall guys
Source: Aumnile

8 – Another one bites the dust

I thought happiness starts with an H
Source: Aumnile

9 – When you do everything right

I want a picture for my birthday
Source: Aumnile

10 – Those who capitalize on misspelling

I want your dog
Source: Aumnile

11 – Staying grounded

I would hide every chair
Source: Aumnile

12 – When darkness is your ally

Laying in my bed
Source: Aumnile

13 – Another one shot and dropped

Love your smile
Source: Aumnile

14 – A poetic stand off

Paint is for painting
Source: Aumnile

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15 – Smart!

Send a pic of you
Source: Aumnile

16 – Are you not surprised?

Send me pic
Source: Aumnile

17 – War of words

Source: Aumnile

18 – Its all about handling the package

Would you let me handle your package
Source: Aumnile

19 – The best one

You are really very pretty
Source: Aumnile

20 – When desperation takes over

You misspelled desperate
Source: Aumnile






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