20 Screenshots of the Most Ridiculous Complaints Ever

Absurdity Reaches New Heights in 20 Screenshots of Ridiculous Complaints on r/ChoosingBeggars

In the vast realm of online communities, one particular subreddit stands out for its ability to showcase the quirkiest and downright absurd complaints encountered in daily life. The r/ChoosingBeggars subreddit, boasting an impressive 2.5 million members, has become a virtual theater of bizarre requests and entitled demands. In this collection of screenshots, we delve into the hilarious world of “Ridiculous Complaints” that have left the internet community in stitches.

Within the confines of r/ChoosingBeggars, users eagerly share snapshots of interactions that range from head-scratching to downright comical. The sheer audacity of some individuals knows no bounds, and these screenshots capture the essence of their outlandish grievances. From demands for free services to expecting the moon and stars for a minimal effort, the community has become a digital canvas illustrating the heights of entitlement.

In this compilation, we witness the power of humor as a coping mechanism, as each screenshot unveils a new layer of ridiculousness. Funny enough, the community doesn’t just serve as a platform for venting frustration but also as a space for people to come together and share a collective laugh over the most preposterous requests. The “Ridiculous Complaints” echoes throughout this assortment, emphasizing the extraordinary nature of the grievances and highlighting the sheer absurdity that unfolds within the digital realm of choosing beggars.

1. CB wants free food due to losing a battle with a seagull..

bought a jumbo sausage
Source: BadBoppa

2. I need you to deep clean my house for free but don’t worry, you can livestream from there

3. I love small business owners

do not go there
Source: MattSalazar4

4. I just have a feeling there’s more of a reason her parents won’t let her borrow their car…

Does anyone have a car
Source: Loougie

5. 63 Sandwiches in 1 1/2 hours!?! How dare they!

Everyone who works in customer service
Source: gradydthdfg

6. Extras should always be free. You want to make a profit, enjoy your one star review!!!

7. Review for consignment shop. They didn’t give her a tax discount a day early.

8. CB thinks she deserves free use of a vacuum at an automatic carwash that requires paying for exterior wash. One of the few bad reviews of this place.

I come here all the time
Source: [deleted]

9. This review of the Chewy app I just found.

i dont like this app
Source: [deleted]

10. “Looking for handouts, but I don’t do handouts”

I need free food
Source: floraljewels

11. This review for a hotel

iam a local
Source: yububy

12. Not just any house

Im reaching out with a heartfelt message
Source: Texaskenny

13. Woke up on a Monday morning to some entitled CB berating me while also giving me the worst deal I’ve ever received.

is this available
Source: Rayyano08

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14. Local buy nothing group

15. Come take care of my two cats (cleaning them and feeding them), also pay my rent while I’m away.

16. Choosy beggar wants free labor in exchange for “teaching”

need framers
Source: mschemist2586

17. Nextdoor choosing beggar. Shocked no GoFundMe for a new kitchen is included.

18. CB left an unfavorable review at a local steakhouse because they did not get something for free…

The food was great
Source: reno140

19. A grocery store downtown in my city has a number of 1-star Google reviews because they don’t allow people to park in the very tiny parking lot to go eat and shop elsewhere

wanted place to park
Source: starelae

20. Giving your church a one star review for giving you a free turkey

what a disappointing disaster
Source: nickfone

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