30 Statue Memes That Are Better Than Going To The Museum

Where do you go to get a better laugh than at the museum? The Internet, which is why these statue memes are amazing.

Going to the museum can be a lot of fun, If you want to relive the glory days when we imagined that every museum was a block of limestone, these funny statue memes will have your day.

1 – Lets Go!

cometh at me bro
Source: PiesTheLimit

2 – I’ve heard of flat footed but this is something new

dropped him
Source: DaMusicGamer

3 – Even the god cannot avoid shyness

even Jesus shy sometimes
Source: knowyourmeme

4 – Everybody wants a piece

give me a piece
Source: memedroid

5 – The face you make when…

Im hungry
Source: PiesTheLimit

6 – Give it back!

last slice of pizza
Source: imgur

7 – That is why never look for a penny

look a penny

8 – Me at the museum

Me at the museum
Source: memedroid

9 – Dad vs me

my dad vs me
Source: reddit

10 – My family silently watching me…

my family watching me
Source: knowyourmeme

11 – Thanks Mate!

No im good thanks mate
Source: cheezburger

12 – When the time is up

Ok students 2 minutes
Source: DaMusicGamer

13 – The face you make when…

When a girl walks past you
Source: ebaumsworld

14 – Gramma’s are always smooth AF

when grandma slips you some money
Source: instagram

15 – When they say they are not hungry

when they say they are not hungry
Source: PiesTheLimit

16 – The face you see when…

When you accidentally open the front camera
Source: 9gag

17 – When google is on your side

when you and your friend argue
Source: imgur

18 – The scariest moment

when you are on the toilet
Source: cheezburger

19 – Living on the edge expression be like…

When you rock back your chair
Source: reddit

20 – The damage is already done

when your friend tries apologizing

Source: dopl3r

21 – When you’re at a restaurant

when you're at the restaurant on your birthday
Source: PiesTheLimit

22 – Managing a cat since ever

When you're getting your pizza
Source: ifunny

23 – True That!

yes this is a statue
Source: pinterest

24 – Copying homework be like…

zeus and Jupiter
Source: farandwide

25 – To late…

side effects if medication
Source: One_MrsHum


When your parents walk in - statue memes
Source: WullieBlake


Imagine how good she was - statue memes
Source: Faahhrgan


Sticking googly eyes - statue memes
Source: ismokegkush


Matter of perspective - statue memes
Source: GZA


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