• “Friday Before Christmas Memes” That Will Get You Excited For The Christmas

    me enjoying December - FG

    We all know that feeling. The feeling of sitting at our desks on a Friday, barely able to focus on our work because we’re just too excited for the weekend. And if that weekend is the weekend before Christmas, then the excitement is palpable!

    In order to help you get through the last few hours of work before the weekend, Chameleon Memes compiled the best “Friday before Christmas memes” that will have you laughing and counting down the minutes until you can finally start your Christmas celebrations. So scroll down, enjoy, and have a very merry Christmas! More

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  • 20 Non Selfie Christmas Memes Is What You Need Right Now

    When christmas falls on weekend - FG

    Right now, the interned is flooded with Christmas selfies and we understand that you are tired and bored of watching people put up their Christmas selfies. So, “Non Selfie Christmas Memes” is the need of the hour. Chameleon Memes has put together a list of memes that will give you a much needed break form all the Christmas Selfies. More

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