30 Best “Thanksgiving Memes” For You To Celebrate The Holiday

Here are reasons why Thanksgiving memes are the best way to celebrate this holiday.

Few holidays are as steeped in tradition as Thanksgiving. From the turkey to the green bean casserole, there are certain dishes and activities that we all associate with this time of year. And, of course, let’s not forget the funny memes. In recent years, Thanksgiving memes have become a popular way to poke fun at the holiday and all its quirks.

Memes are a popular way to celebrate the special occasions. Thanksgiving is no exception! Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all the good things in our lives, and these thanksgiving memes help us do just that – in a light-hearted way. Chameleon Memes has listed down 20 reasons why Thanksgiving memes are the best way to celebrate:

1 – Its not this day

A day shall come
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2 – Me after a bottle of bourbon

After a bottle of burborn
Source: memedroid

3 – All the progress I’ve made at the gym this year

All the progress I have made at the gym
Source: memedroid

4 – Before & After Thanksgiving

before and after thanksgiving
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5 – Taking A Walk before Thanksgiving dinner

cousins taking a walk
Source: memedroid

6 – My mom on Thanksgiving

don't touch the guests
Source: memedroid

7 – Thanksgiving dinner

family talking politics
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8 – Follow me for more thanksgiving cooking tips

follow me for more thanks giving tips
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9 – Thanksgiving smile be like…

grandma says smile
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10 – When the happy holidays messages start coming in.

Happy Holiday message
Source: memedroid

11 – The last fight

he died fighting
Source: memedroid

12 – Thankgiving dinner conversations be like…

is climate change real
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13 – Chilling Bird

let the bird chill in the sink
Source: memedroid

14 – Me thinking about thanksgiving

Me thinking about thanks giving
Source: memedroid

15 – My good jeans vs my post thanksgiving body

my good jeans
Source: memedroid

16 – Grandad be like

my granddad
Source: memedroid

17 – When they told you to bring turkey and mashed potatoes

Turkey and mashed potatoes
Source: memedroid

18 – All store retails right now

thanksgiving decorations
Source: memedroid

19 – Introverts at thanksgiving dinner be like…

The one relative I like
Source: memedroid

20 – Lieutenant Dan?

would you like a leg lieutenant Dan
Source: memedroid

21 – Me when Mom puts extra gravy on my Turkey

when mom puts extra gravy
Source: memedroid

22 – When you’re in the bathroom…

when you are in the bathroom
Source: memedroid

23 – That moment when…

when you see your favorite cousin pull up
Source: memedroid

24 – When you’ve starved yourself whole day

when you starved yourself
Source: memedroid

25 – Its over…whats next?

now you will suffer with Christmas memes
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Retail workers - Thanksgiving Memes
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Me leaving thanksgiving - Thanksgiving Memes
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