25 Times People Got Absolutely Destroyed in the Comments

Digital Battlegrounds: Times People Were Absolutely Destroyed in the Comments Section

The internet can be a harsh place. People can be brutal when they’re anonymous and don’t have to face the repercussions of their words. That’s why it’s important to always think before you type.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as cautious as they should be. And when people try to be over smart, they get destroyed in the comments. It’s savage, but it’s also strangely satisfying to watch.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most brutal times people got destroyed in the comments. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

1 – You only got one family

2 – What if Yoda was to have humanlike skin

yoda was  originally to have humanlike skin
Source: BorisHolmes

3 – What is the worst thing you’ve dared someone to do

what is the worst thing youve ever dared anyone to do
Source: Mr_Builder132

4 – What are your thoughts on Indonesia banning sex outside marriage?

what are your thoughts on indonesia
Source: rnvs42069

5 – Movie theatre with beds are good but only one problem…

there is a movie theatre in switzerland
Source: Sotiris168

6 – Meanwhile Thanos…

7 – Guys mini pocket

Personally I really enjoy having
Source: cherub-_-rock

8 – For those who put/don’t put hot sauce in fridge

people putting out hot sauce
Source: izismile

9 – Meal Team Six

part of elite meal team six
Source: Chufriend

10 – Bang On!

Name a more iconic trio
Source: izismile

11 – There’s a new personality in town

If you don't have any friends your're an introvert
Source: izismile

12 – We all did.

I think I drew her when she was 4
Source: izismile

13 – Giving it back like a boss

I don't speak McDonald
Source: izismile

14 – It does.

fish with an extending mouth
Source: ShiroiYokai

15 – A valid point

Females cant help but display
Source: ebaumsworld

16 –

dinosaur piss
Source: amdgobrrr

17 – The Beatles and their unheard album

18 – Appropriate

19 – Chose your fighter

Chose your fighter
Source: izismile

20 – A bullet he actually dogged

2pac and jad pickett
Source: ebaumsworld


Quick question - Destroyed in the Comments
Source: ColonCancer


Im happy - Destroyed in the Comments
Source: stonks-is-god



made from animals - Destroyed in the Comments
Source: Xeonic


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