Top 7 Memes of 2020

Before you look at the top 7 memes of 2020. First, give yourself a pat on the back for safely coming out alive from the most twisted and the weirdest year of our life – 2020.

2020 has been a crazy year as it started from “This will be my year” vibe, which soon propelled into a global pandemic and staying at home became the ‘new normal’. Work-from-home, masks, hand sanitizer, 20-second washing techniques have become part of our everyday routines now.

No matter what, we are never ever going to forget this year and there is no better meme than below which describes the moods of 2020.

Moods of 2020

Okay, now let’s checkout the top 7 memes of 2020

7 – World War III Meme

World war 3 started trending on internet after the killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani in a US airstrike. After the attack Iranian President Hassan Rouhani promised Iran would “take revenge” following Soleimani’s death. Soon, the internet started posting memes about the possibility of world war III. No matter how serious the topic is, people can turn anything serious into a meme.

waking up to world war 3 meme
Seeing world war 3 meme
Switzerland in world war 3

6 – Lockdown Memes

The corona virus locked everyone in their homes but gave birth to lockdown memes. People around the globe got this great opportunity to bring out their creative side. People from all over the world started making memes on how lockdown has changed their lifestyle. These lockdown memes are still very popular.

Returning to work after lockdown
People eating in a restaurant in 2019
Quarantine Meme

5 – What day is it?

With corona virus trapping majority of the humanity at home, it’s obvious that we lose grasp on how time works. People stuck at home had these questions, What time is it? What day is it? What week is it? What month is it? But what people didn’t lose is to find ways to joke about it.

what day is it meme 2020
Its quarantine day meme
when it hasn't been your day

4 – Nature is Healing

The outbreak of COVID-19 forced all of us to stay at home. In the middle of all the terrible news coming from all over the world regarding COVID-19, few good things happened. The nature was healing as the satellites orbiting the earth have documented a good drop in the air pollution. With fewer cars on the road and fewer factories/industries open, our planet got a much-needed breather. People from all over the world shared photos and videos of animals progressing in our less populated and less polluted environment.

On the on the other hand people also started sharing hilarious memes. Check out some of the ridiculous funny memes which went viral.

wildlife finally returning to thames
cows returning to sea meme
two chicks chilling in hot tub

3 – Monolith Meme

In November 2020, a monolith of unknown origin was discovered in Canyonlands National Park in Utah. The Aero Bureau of Utah Department of Public Safety posted photographs of the monolith on its Instagram.


On November 27th, the monolith was removed from the discovery location. After that the monolith was spotted in Romania, California, Isle of Wight in UK and Oudehorne, Netherlands.

The news of the discovered monolith went viral on social media and people started coming up with memes and theories on the monolith’s possible origin.

yummiest monolith spotted
Monolith spotted meme

2 – The Vibing Cat Meme

The vibing cat meme is one of the most popular memes of 2020. In this meme you can see a visually impaired Turkish Musician performing Tambourine. A creative mind on social media edited the video by added a Cat rhythmically head banging to this video. This creative edit gave the impression as if the cat was moving its head to the music played by the Turkish artist named Bilal Göregen.  The Turkish Artist became internet sensation after a video of him performing ‘Ievan Polkka’ a popular Finnish song went viral.

Cat vibing meme

1 – Coffin Dance Meme

The coffin dance meme is number 1 meme on our list. This meme ruled the internet as people from all over the world got creative with their images and videos. Anything risky or dangerous was directly connected to these pallbearers. The coffin dance meme is a Ghanaian group of guys, dressed in funeral outfits, carrying a casket and dancing on the popular music track ‘Astronomia’ by Vicetone & Tony Igy.

Watch a version of the coffin dance meme below.

Pallbearers meme

Hope you enjoyed our list of top 7 memes of 2020 that ruled the internet. There’s still few days left before we say goodbye to this year. Who knows what these remaining days have in store for us but one this is certain that 2021 will bring more creative memes.

Me jumping to 2021 meme

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Jumping into 2021

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