25 Hilarious Vacation Memes That Are Way Too Precise

Here are some funny vacation memes to get you into your vacation mood

We know that vacationing is something we all need in our lives, whether it’s taking a trip to the beach, or mountains, cooking with family and friends or even just watching Netflix and chilling, or binge drinking at a local club. The point is, a damn good time. In order to go on vacation and get some much-needed R&R (rest and relaxation), here are vacation memes that are really funny and when you think about them, they make more sense than you would have imagined.

1 – These many, count it

how many vacation days do you want
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2 – But you’ll miss your bae

3 – When you use you 100% brain

outstanding move
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4 – We are not going there for 30 days

don't pack to much we are only staying for 3 days

5 – When you just don’t wanna comeback

packing light for this trip

6 – Lets take off! But where the plane?

This is how ready Iam
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7 – When you misplace the boarding pass

8 – See y’all peasants

ho people who are flying away on vacation look at those on ground
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9 – Please just don’t…

Don't send help
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10 – Happy & Confused

11 – Action speaks louder than words

8am on camping
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12 – Quick access to beach be like

House rent 5 minutes away from the beach
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13 – Just hiding the most hairiest part of the body to look a little decent

When you realize you forgot to shave
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14 – When everyone thinks the same

When everyone has the same idea as you
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15 – Expectation vs Reality

expectation vs reality
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16 – Keeping a tab on work from far away

me checking my email on vacation
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17 – Some classic posing

Basic girls on vacation
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18 – When you’re strong & independent

when your whole squad cancels
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19 – When you forget the most important thing…

When you're on vacation and forgot airpods

20 – Someones badly waiting for me


22. Vacation Pi Chart

23. Night shift workers on Vacation

24. People visiting a country vs People living in a country

People visiting country - Vacation Memes
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25. Going on a relaxing holiday

Kevin James on Plane - Vacation Memes
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