25 Funny Instances When Your Friend Forgets to Give You a Blanket

When Your Friend Forgets to Give You a Blanket: Warmth Lost, Laughter Found!

This post when your friend forgets to give you a blanket is about the time when you go to your friends house for a sleepover and they forget to give you blanket. So, naturally your cold & it becomes almost impossible to sleep without a blanket, so you have to improvise to keep your self warm.

Chameleon Memes have compiled a list of hilarious instances that show people at a sleepover who are cold and looking for a blanket, and they ended up like this…

1 – When you don’t find a blanket around…

Anything that'll work as a blanket
Source: memedroid

2 – Pizza roll can keep you warm

Anything works
Source: ifunny

3 – Desperate time call for desperate measures

At the expense of the couch
Source: memedroid

4 – When find something better than a blanket

Carpet to the rescue
Source: knowyourmeme

5 – You know your friend is cold when you see him like this

Couch Sandwich
Source: reddit

6 – When you gotten compromise

Curtained blankets
Source: onsizzle

7 – Perfect blanket doesn’t exis-

Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures
Source: funvizeo

8 – Another use of toilet paper

How else to use toilet paper

9 – So you take their TV

How to use television as a blanket
Source: Pintrest

10 – When Your Friend Forgets To Give You A Blanket

I took a sleep in a pizza box
Source: ifunny

11 – When they forget to give you blanket

If I fits I Sits
Source: twitter

12 – Some people at sleepovers be like…

Kid sleeping in a box
Source: Memes

13 – Cold world no blanket

Pillow can also be used as a blanket

14 – So you take their door

Sleeping under the door
Source: ifunny

15 – When you gotta use another human as a shield to protect yourself from cold

Using another human as a blanket
Source: ahseeit

16 – When the horse keeps you warm

17 – No blanket and no spot to sleep

When you don't get both
Source: ifunny

18 – When you run over by a couch

19 – That moment when you feel like sleeping in a coffin

When you're friend falls asleep before giving you a blanket
Source: memes

20 – Recycling at its best

Wrapped up in plastic
Source: ballmemes


carpet roll
Source: maxmehdi


cat in couch


Source: scips



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