Why Don’t Boys Get Our Signs? Subtle Hints That Girls Drop To Let A Guy Know They’re Interested

Here are 20 memes that perfectly show how girls give signs and guys are left scratching their heads

Girls always say that “Why Dont Boys Get Our Signs?”

Girls are always sending signals, whether it’s through words, body language, or even clothing. But for some reason, boys just don’t get it.

It’s not like girls are trying to be coy or play hard to get. Girls just want the Boys to know that they are interested! But boys always seem to miss the subtle (and not so subtle) hints that the girls are giving them. Chameleon Memes has a perfect list of memes that describes the hints

1 – How boys look at the hints

Chinese language
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2 – Pull or push

Don't pull only push
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3 – Girls obvious signals

Funny car
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4 – Good Luck

Girls giving directions

4 – What’s the difference?

No entry entrance only
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5 – Okay, but how?

Please try to walk without walking
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6 – Very easy to understand

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7 – Go!

Stop and go
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8 – The signs be like…

Stop sign

9 – Girls signs are very easy to understand

Traffic signals

10 – Reft

turn left turn right
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11- Their signs literally be like…

Turn left
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12 – Its a yes but no

Yes and no
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