30 Work Memes To Look At When Your Boss Is Not Around

Bored at work? If so, you can’t go wrong with this hilarious collection of funny work memes

There is a famous quote by Confucius: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” However, unfortunately, you’re not always blessed with the opportunity to choose a job you love. Instead, you find yourself stuck at your boring job, where you’re tirelessly working your butt off, and the working day never seems to end. To kill the time, you’ve already taken innumerable Loo breaks and smoke breaks. Sometimes, amidst the daily grind, you just need to take a real break which looking at some work memes.

So, quickly look around, and if your Boss is not in sight, indulge in a chuckle with these funniest work memes. Because sometimes, a bit of humor is the perfect remedy for surviving the challenges of the daily grind. Work memes provide a refreshing break from the monotony, injecting a much-needed dose of laughter into your workday. So, take a moment to scroll through these work memes and let the laughter break through the stress and rigors of your workplace.

1 – Story of every morning

Getting ready for work

2 – Natures Call

3 – When you are already late but still hoping to reach on time

4 – when motivation runs out

5 – Yeah! Take This TikTokers.

6 – If You Think School Was Tiring Wait Till You Start Working

7 – When you think you will not survive today

8 – When Boss thinks that you are Superman

We are short staffed
Source: reddit

9 – When you leave everything on Monday and Monday arrives

when  you had a bunch of work to do on friday meme

10 – When you see the Boss coming

When you see your boss coming and you need to pretend your working
Source: instagram

11 – Work breaks be like…

12 – When that coworker lowers the air conditioning by 1 degree

me as soon as a coworker lower the ac temperature meme
Source: idiva

13 – Every office has this one co-worker

14 – When you didn’t see the boss coming

15 – How to deal with annoying coworkers

When that annoying co worker wont stop talking
Source: twitter

16 – When you have to control your deep burning range

when there is a deep rage burning inside
Source: reddit.

17 – Oops!

when you accidentally share the wrong screen

18 – When you put your thinking cat on

When you are trying to think of ways to become millionaire
Source: twitter

19 – When you just don’t care and just wanna leave work early


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20 – When your Boss asks you the toughest question

when your boss asks what are you working on
Source: buzzfeed

21 – Office meeting be like…

22 – That moment when you wish if you could get away with a crime

when your coworker asks a question meme
Source: instagram

23 – The longest hour of the day

me trying to get thrrough the last hour at work
Source: pinterest

24 – Last hour of work be like…

25 – Driving back home from office be like…

Me driving home from work knowing i have to go back tomorrow
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People who shit at work - Work Memes
Source: thirtysouls


My boss told me - Work Memes
Source: Dhoxer


Boss uses my work - Work Memes
Source: Jacob2020


Driving to work everyday - Work Memes
Source: KMAT97


Eating alone is schools  - Work Memes
Source: IamTurtle

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