Xavier Memes – 20 Funniest Tweets & Comments Made By Xavier

Here is a list of the best best Xavier Memes that’ll make your stomach hurt from laughing too hard

Xavier memes originate from an Indian origin person named Pakalu Papito, who was an absolute Rockstar during 2013 to 2015 on Twitter & Facebook before both accounts were taken down. But, the screenshots of his tweets were already trending by then, below are some of his tweets.

I live for 2 reasons
stop destroyoing earth
stop destroyoing earth 1

Since then, many anonymous social media users have created Twitter and Facebook accounts using his name and they are also posting funny tweets & comments. And the username Xavier is one of them.

Chameleon Memes has compiled a list of top funny tweets & comments made by Xavier

1 – He is savage AF

Boys without beards are my kids
Source: Kingmess

2 – Xavier shutting down illogical questions

Do men still open car doors
Source: Dopl3r

3 – Xavier being honest

Does men look at their wifes face
Source: Facebook

4 – He can ask really tough questions

How many holes are there in the net
Source: Pintrest

5 – He is a very matured person

I apologize when Im wrong
Source: Facebook

6 – He got some nerves

I have this but at different place
Source: Instamemer

7 – Dare!

I will accept the first 7 dares
Source: Wirally

8 – Xavier’s imagination is wild

imagine marrying your crush
Source: Facebook

9 – Xavier can give real good advice

My roommate just finished the book
Source: Facebook

10 – When he met himself from the future

Question papers
Source: thestorypedia

11 – Xavier talking to himself

Sometimes I talk to myself meme
Source: Facebook

12 – That’s how you should eat fries

Thats how you eat fries Xavier memes
Source: thestorypedia

13 – He states only facts

What is the main reason for divorce
Source: Facebook

14 – Legend has it that he is still looking for the meaning of IDEK

Whats IDEk mean
Source: Facebook

15 – When Xavier likes your post

Xavier memes liked your post
Source: Wirally


Downstair neighbors
Source: Che_D_Lay_sir


I hate my mind
Source: bletchley


Please help me
Source: lostfly


Stay close to roots
Source: lostfly


He has no legs
Source: lostfly

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