20 Classical Paintings Turned Into Memes By This Instagram Page

Classical Art Memes that use modern pop culture references to poke fun at classic paintings

We’ve all seen those memes that take a famous painting and turn it into a hilarious meme. But have you ever wondered where they come from? Well, the Classical Painting Memes that you are about to see are coming from this Instagram page called artmemescentral. This Instagram meme page is the god of art memes with 440k followers.

The classical paintings meme is a genre of memes that use well-known works of art as the basis for jokes. The memes usually involve adding humorous captions or sarcastic observations to the painting.

Many of these memes are clever and funny, and they provide a new way to look at these classical paintings. If you’re a fan of classic art memes, then you’ll definitely enjoy these classical paintings turned into memes!

1 – Do you speak Spanish?

2 – And he starts surfing on it.

3 – Drying hair naturally be like…

4 – Introverts best party trick

5 – Hmmm…

6 – When you teach your ex a valuable lesson

7 – How do you like your coffee?

8 – How I sleep at night…

How I sleep
Source: artmemescentral

9 -When I say “I’m in my prime”

10 – Go Shawty Its Your Birthday

11 – Listen carefully…

12 – My playlist while doing dishes…

13 – They said night shift is pretty

14 – That moment when these two people meet

15 – Feel free…

16 – Tell me something that I don’t know

17 – Isaac, What on dark side of moon are you doing?

18 – Everyone will relate to this one…

19 – Stop body shaming

20 – You look tired…

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