25 Cringey Memes That Will Make You Say “OMG No!”

Prepare for Secondhand Embarrassment with These Cringey Memes

This one is going to be all about those cringey memes that make you say “OMG no!”. We all know the ones that make you cringe so hard that you can’t even look at them for more than a few seconds.

But why do we keep coming back to them? Why do we keep looking at them even though they make us so uncomfortable? I think it’s because we can’t help but be fascinated by them. They’re so bad that they’re almost good.

So without further ado, here are some of the cringey memes, most uncomfortable memes you’ll ever see. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

1 – A rare picture…

2 – Close Enough!

3 – Thank God. I don’t know that feel bro.

diet coke - Cringey Memes
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4 – Calm Down!

eating ice cream with a fork - Cringey Memes
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5 – Yolo

girl in yellow dress - Cringey Memes
Source: SkalaBoy

6 – Cringe AF

7 – False!

how to stop gay marriage - Cringey Memes
Source: Salubrious17

8 –

I dont trust these - Cringey Memes
Source: Powerboost

9 – Madman!

I told dean to lay down
Source: mwangibabu

10 – If lays made beer

11 – Jesus on vacation

12 – Meanwhile in a graveyard

13 – Shhh…

14 – That moment when you realize…

15 – What a freak!

randomly made some toast
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16 – Sometimes someone uses words they don’t understand

17 – What crazy thing to do and watch and click

she's so crazy - Cringey Memes
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18 – Teleports behind you.

teleports behind you - Cringey Memes
Source: Salubrious17

19 – Just a house on meth

20 – Disney or dat knee

Why I cant stop laughing - Cringey Memes
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Dad goes to bakery
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When you read your old message - Cringey Memes
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