20 Relatable Last Day of Work Memes That Will Make You Smile

If you’ve ever worked in a job that you didn’t particularly love, you know the feeling of relief and happiness that comes when you realize it’s your last day of work and you finally can move on. You know how satisfying it can be to hit that “OFF” button on the last day and for the last time.

Chameleon Memes has put together the funniest and the most relatable last day of work memes that are sure to have you laughing your way out of the office and into a happier day.

1 – When its your last day at work tomorrow

last day of work tomorrow
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2 – How the last day at work begins

gotta fake sad
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3 – What will the do without me

4 – Last day of work

leave traps everywhere
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5 – That feeling of leaving work on last day

leaving work on my last day
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6 – The last look

looking at your office one last time
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7 – Last day on the Job be like…

mails meetings calls
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8 – How spend the last day at work

mewho spend all day looking at memes
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9 – Happy but emotional

missing collogues
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10 – Nothing Anymore!

nothing anymore
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11 – Last day of work spent well

spends 4 hours googling
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12 – That feeling…tho

When I finally walk out
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13 – Sigh of relief

when you don't have to worry about work anymore
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14 – This happiness hits differently

when your boss says starting next week
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15 – Me doing anything I want on the last day at work

you can do anything you want
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16 – How it feels like watching…

your replacement wandering around
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17 – Last day of work…

18 – What it feels like going back to work post lunch

19 – When you’re trying you’re best not to go off

trying not to go off

20 – Its finally over

going to bed on last day of work
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