30 Funny Dream Memes That Proves Imagination Has No Limits

We have put together a list of funny dream memes that’ll make you question the purpose of dreaming

Dreaming could be a delightful experience or an horror experience depending on your perceptions & desires. There are dreams that give you joy and then there are dreams that scare you. Dreaming is like a mirror that reflects the universe. It’s when we are most creative and imaginative, it’s when we can see things that others cannot. But you know what else makes dreaming extra special?

Its when Dreams are transformed in to hilarious memes and this is where dream memes comes into the picture. Dream memes are here to make you laugh & smile. These funny dream memes will show you that imagination has no limits…so prepare yourself for the most bizarre and the funniest memes you’ve ever seen.

1 – My brain when I’m sleeping

Weird cat dream and jet planes
Source: pinterest

2 – What does this mean?

Baby doll in rat dream
Source: memes

3 – Gangsta Chicken Barbie

barbie in chicken meme
Source: ebaumsworld

4 – If cat lived in the oceans

cat attacking shark
Source: reddit

5 – When you sleep empty stomach…

Cat on sandwich meme
Source: imgflip

6 – What Pokemon is this?

cow and fish dream
Source: reddit

7 – I dreamt that a T-Rex was on a vacation

Dinosaur on jetski
Source: twitter

8 – If Dinosaurs did went extinct

Dinosaur on shark shooting
Source: 9gag

9 – And then Psychiatrist said that all dreams have meaning

dinosaur riding shark
Source: funvizeo

10 – Rarest creature…found only in dreams

Source: 99memes

11 – When your dreams become too creative

Egyptians dreams
Source: ahseeit

12 – When you drink Redbull before sleeping

Flying cow meme
Source: verbub

13 – Friends Dreams vs My Dreams

Giant man meme
Source: reddit

14 – When therapist says all dreams have meaning

Godzilla vs king Kong vs Shiba inu
Source: memes

15 – Weirdest Dream ever

Ironing under water
Source: knowyourmeme

16 – Me in my dreams for no reason

17 – Rise Of The Planet Of The Penguins

Penguins army
Source: reddit

18 – When someone asks me what are my dreams like

psychiatrist every single dreams have a meaning my dreams
Source: dopl3r

19 – Kinda Weird

Saddam Hussain and ninja turtles

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20 – Well Scientists then explain this

Scientists - every dream has meanings
Source: memes

21 – The only thing I remember from last nights dream

22 – When you watch sponge bob and play GTA before going to sleep

SpongeBob GTA meme
Source: knowyourmeme

23 – Animal Planet in dreams be like…

squirelle vs snake
Source: reddit

24 – My dream wasn’t that weird

That weird dream
Source: ebaumsworld

25 – Some dreams have no meaning at all


cat and whale - Dream Memes
Source: TaylorStep


Dancing - Dream Memes
Source: TheShaSha



Fox socks - Dream Memes
Source: FireGun10


Doing dishes - Dream Memes
Source: XKRAY

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