20 Facepalm Moments That Had Netizens Facepalming

The Best of “r/facepalm”: Facepalm Moments That Left Netizens Facepalming

The internet is a treasure trove of content that can evoke a wide range of emotions, from laughter to frustration. Among these, facepalm moments are perhaps the most universally relatable. These moments, often captured in images or short videos, highlight instances of sheer absurdity, lack of common sense, or outright mistakes that make you wonder how someone could have possibly thought their actions were a good idea. The subreddit “r/facepalm” is a goldmine for such content, where netizens from around the globe share and relish these funny moments that leave everyone facepalming in disbelief.

Facepalm moments are those cringeworthy instances that make you instinctively bring your palm to your face, shaking your head in disbelief. Whether it’s a misspelled sign, a poorly thought-out social media post, or a news headline that defies logic, these facepalm moments are both amusing and exasperating. On “r/facepalm,” users share their daily encounters with such hilarious mishaps, creating a community where laughter and facepalms go hand in hand.

Despite the initial frustration or bewilderment they might cause, these moments often end up being funny moments that we can’t help but laugh at. By curating these images from “r/facepalm,” we can explore the lighter side of life’s little mistakes and remember that sometimes, all we can do is laugh and facepalm together.

1. Checkmate!

2. Damn son !!

Damn son !! - Facepalm Moments
Source: prkchpsyring

3. Dork Ass Losers

Dork Ass Losers - Facepalm Moments
Source: u/PradyThe3rd

4. Dumbest tweet ever

Dumbest tweet ever - Facepalm Moments
Source: sexy-meme

5. Flexing dad’s money on us peasants.

Flexing dad's money on us peasants. - Facepalm Moments
Source: kashboiiii

6. Genius huh

7. Having a functioning circulatory system

Having a functioning circulatory system - Facepalm Moments
Source: mmclark9415

8. I will always want a daughter first

I will always want a daughter first - Facepalm Moments
Source: Safumafu

9. Imagine taking a picture of this thinking the note writer is unreasonable.

Imagine taking a picture of this thinking the note writer is unreasonable. - Facepalm Moments
Source: MrwangJr

10. Just a Faceplam Moment

11. Oh my lmao

Oh my lmao - Facepalm Moments
Source: wiifitears

12. Oops

Oops - Facepalm Moments
Source: Dragonman1976

13. racism be like

racism be like - Facepalm Moments
Source: Nintendoge21

14. Respect

15. The greatest genius of our time

16. These people grind my gears

17. Well that was a cold one

18. Why do men feel the need to go through things alone?

Why do men feel the need to go through things alone? - Facepalm Moments

19. Yellowstone tourist upset that grizzly bears weren’t trained well enough.

20. Yep

Yep - Facepalm Moments
Source: plkirk423

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