25 Bizarre First Date Experiences That People Have Shared

These bizarre & weird first date stories will make you laugh and feel so much better

Have you ever had an awkward first date?
Well no matter how bad, clingy, corny or awkward it was, it probably won’t seem so bad after you’ve gone through this list of worst first date experiences compiled by Chameleon Memes

Everyone at some point had to go through some awkward conversations or awkward silences on their dates, but this is nothing as compared to what the below people went through on their first date.

Once you’ve gone through these hilariously funny first date experiences you’ll probably want to stay home and watch Netflix

1 – First time blind dates be like…

Arrived to pick up blind date
Source: crashredux

2 – When you don’t wanna look crazy

Don't let him know I stalked him
Source: crashredux

3 – Those guys who come prepared…

Drove through the McDonalds - first date
Source: crashredux

4 – When your date starts like this…

Guy took me to movie
Source: crashredux

5 – When your date gets you a Christmas gift

he brought me a box of brown hair dye
Source: crashredux

6 – When you go on a date with self-obsessed individual

He talked about himself all through dinner
Source: crashredux

7 – That’s Awkward

He took me to jump frog festival - first date
Source: crashredux

8 – When you forget her name

I once took a girl to starbuks
Source: crashredux

9 – When you think that he is into fitness

I thought he was into fitness
Source: crashredux

10 – When you go to a fancy restaurant

I went to fancy restaurant he went to washroom and never returned - first date
Source: crashredux

11 – Definitely a worst date ever

In the middle of the date she called her ex
Source: crashredux

12 – Home dates be like…

Met a girl online and had her over for dinner - first date
Source: crashredux

13 – Going out with Cheapskates be like…

pulled a large popcorn bag
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14 – When your date bring a plastic bag to the date

She brough a plastic baggy to puke
Source: crashredux

15 – Whos crazy over here?

So you are one of those crazy girls who look up criminal records - first date
Source: crashredux

16 – Nothing worse than this…

Talking about life and family
Source: crashredux

17 – A moment of silence please

We were driving to dinner and he made me laugh - first date
Source: crashredux

18 – That moment when the temperature drops

We were walking outside and it got chilly
Source: crashredux

19 – Somebody call the tooth fairy

when he leaned in for a kiss
Source: crashredux

20 – When your date leaves you in splits

When you split the check - first date
Source: crashredux


During Dinner
Source: crashredux


Guy took me to hooters
Source: crashredux


my date took me a nice restaurant
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My date was complaining
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Within 30 mins
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