20 Funny Signs That Make Zero Sense but Are Hilariously Entertaining

Laughing Through Confusion: The Most Funny Signs That Defy Logic

In a world filled with logic and common sense, there are moments when we stumble upon signs that defy both, leaving us in fits of laughter. These funny signs, often found on the internet and especially on the subReddit account “r/signs,” offer a refreshing break from the mundane. Curated from this popular online group, these signs range from the bizarre to the downright stupid, each one hilariously entertaining in its own right. Whether they are highway signs with absurd directions or store signs with baffling instructions, these really funny signs never fail to amuse.

From misspelled words to misplaced messages, these funny signs have a unique charm that captivates our attention. They serve as a reminder that not everything needs to make sense to be enjoyed. In fact, their lack of logic is what makes them so appealing. It’s not uncommon to come across stupid signs that leave you wondering how they ever got approved in the first place. Yet, these moments of confusion quickly turn into moments of joy, as the absurdity of the situation dawns on you.

Imagine driving down a road and encountering a highway sign that gives you conflicting directions, or walking into a store and seeing a sign that makes absolutely no sense. These experiences, although perplexing at first, provide a good laugh and a story to tell. The online community of “r/signs” has done a fantastic job in curating these gems, ensuring that we all get to enjoy the hilarity of these really funny signs. So, next time you need a good chuckle, just remember that somewhere out there, a sign is doing its best to defy logic and entertain us all.

1. Cannibal dining

Cannibal dining - Funny Signs
Source: xixixinanana

2. good neighborhood.

good neighborhood. - Funny Signs
Source: lostproton

3. hm

hm - Funny Signs
Source: AnemicIron

4. I saw this sign on a thrift shop

I saw this sign on a thrift shop. - Funny Signs
Source: photonutt

5. If you have any clue, let me know.

If you have any clue, let me know. - Funny Signs
Source: photonutt

6. Important advice everyone needs to hear!

Important advice everyone needs to hear! - Funny Signs
Source: lamno1

7. It is that time of year…

It is that time of year... - Funny Signs
Source: PoisonWaffle3

8. Kidnapped employees

Kidnapped employees - Funny Signs
Source: Callabuddy

9. Man down ahead

Man down ahead - Funny Signs
Source: carrythenine

10. No wifi

11. Notice

12. Oh oh

Oh oh - Funny Signs
Source: piselyl

13. on Notice?

14. Sorry

15. Teen pregnancy is not a laughing matter

Teen pregnancy is not a laughing matter - Funny Signs
Source: photonutt

16. That’s one way to look at it

17. This is in the drive through at my local Dairy Queen

18. Uhm, what happened here?

Uhm, what happened here? - Funny Signs
Source: photonutt

19. Umm…

Umm... - Funny Signs
Source: intheknow1

20. Understatement?

Understatement? - Funny Signs
Source: arcticbronco


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