25 Hilarious “Getting Old Memes” We All Can Relate To

A list of relatable getting old memes that perfectly describe the pain of getting older

Aging isn’t easy. Just ask anyone over the age of 30. With each passing year, our bodies change in ways we never thought possible. We start to see wrinkles, gray hair, and even a few extra pounds. But, it’s not all doom and gloom. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. And, what’s funnier than a good “getting old memes”?

In this article, Chameleon Memes compiled a list of hilarious “getting old memes” we can all relate to. So, whether you’re in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or even 60s, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

1 – When you explain a group of teens about texting

10 cents for texting - getting old memes
Source: Pickycris

2 – 20 year old car in my head vs 20 year old car in reality

20 year old car in my head - getting old memes
Source: truende

3 – When you have to rate your pain

How do you rate your pain
Source: Pickycris

4 – You know you’re getting old when you

I know I'm getting old when I love this - getting old memes
Source: Lolabelllexo

5 – Friday night activities be like

I'm up for Friday night party
Source: Pickycris

6 – A message from my knees

Im in my prime - getting old memes
Source: da-real-boi

7 – Signs of being old be like

Im too old to be jedi
Source: postize

8 – How you feel after you…

Im too weak - getting old memes
Source: mahumd90

9 – How referring your knees changes

Knee problems
Source: MeatballNeck

10 – How you feel when someone talks about new games and music

Lil brother talking about new games - getting old memes
Source: da-real-boi

11 – Conversations with little cousins be like..

Little cousin
Source: Static_456

12 – How you feel when…

me when I catch my self googling interior design - getting old memes
Source: yoopoodoo

13 – What my body wants vs What i give my body

My body just asked for water
Source: Pickycris

14 – Its Not Clean Unless..

Not letting anyone else clean - getting old memes
Source: Pickycris


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15 – You know you’re old when you stand up really fast

stands up really fast
Source: Pickycris

16 – Gods way of saying…

way of saying wrap up things - getting old memes
Source: MeatballNeck

17 – When someone asks what happened to you?

What happened to you
Source: Pickycris

18 – You know you’re getting old when…

when you rush home - getting old memes
Source: postize

19 – When you feel like you’re 90 years old

Why we say hang up
Source: MeatballNeck

20 – Watching horror movie be like..

you know you are old when - getting old memes
Source: postize

21. Me at 30

Brad pitt at 60 - Getting Old Memes
Source: ri3zo

22. Bye bye favorite food

favorite food - Getting Old Memes
Source: NETOArchy

23. My back be like…

24. Everything just hurts

My body after doing asolutely nothing - Getting Old Memes
Source: u/[deleted]

25. Waking up from a night of drinking

Waking up from night of drinking - Getting Old Memes
Source: Imgur

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