You’ve Goat to Be Kidding Me: 55 Goat Puns to Make Ewe Chuckle

Prepare to Laugh ‘Til You’re Bleating with These Hilarious Goat Puns!

When it comes to animal humor, goats puns often take the crown for being the most pun-tastic creatures around. Their playful nature, expressive eyes, and mischievous antics make them a constant source of amusement.

Whether you’re a fan of these fluffy creatures or simply appreciate a good pun, Chameleon Memes has compiled a list of 55 goat puns that will surely make ewe chuckle.

Goat Puns

1- What do you call a beard on a billy?
A goatee.

2- What did the goat love watching every Saturday night?
Americas Goat Talent.

3- What is a goat’s favorite animal at the zoo?
An alli-goat-or.

4- What does a goat usually have for breakfast?

5- Which president did the goat like the most?
Billy Clinton.

6- What’s a sporty goat’s go-to drink?

7- What did the mama goat and her kids do each night?
Read scary goat stories!

8- What did the angry goat say to her husband?
“Don’t goat me started.”

9- What did the sheep say when the billy ate her dinner?
“You have goat to be kidding me!”

10- What a Goats favorite Michael Jackson song?
I’m baaaaaaad.

11- What do you get when you cross a rabbit and a goat?
You get a hare in your milk.

12- What did the boy goat tell his friend when he saw a past crush?
She’s the one that goat away.

13- What do you call a mountain goat?
A hillbilly.

14- Where did the goat go to get his hair trimmed?
The baaaa-ber

15- What are a goat’s favorite song lyrics?
“I goat to get up to get down!”

16- Why is it so hard to have a good conversation with a goat?
Because they’re always butting in.

17- What did the kid say when he pranked his parents?

18- What did the goat who was very bored, say?

19- As two hungry goats were eating movie film stock, one turned to the other and said,
“I don’t know about you, but I thought the book was better.”

20- Which artist do goats love the most?
Vincent Van Goat.

21- Why are goats from France so musical?
Because they have French horns.

22- What do you call a goat dressed up as a clown?
A silly billy.

23- What does a goat say when he has to repeat himself?
“Here we goat again.”

24- Why did the goat run off a cliff?
Because it didn’t see the ewe-turn.

25- What did the goat say when he had an argument with his friend?
“I don’t want to butt heads with you.”

26- Where do nanny goats give a kid a bath?
In a baaa-th tub.

27- What did the kid goat want to be when she grew up?
A baaa-lerina.

28- What do you call a goat swimming really fast in a lake?
A motor goat.

29- What’s a goat’s favorite quote?
No goats, no glory.

30- What’s a goat’s favorite TV show?
“Game of Goats”!

31- What did the bald goat say when he looked in the mirror?
“I wish I had mohair!”

32- What’s a goat’s favorite type of cookie?
Baa-nilla wafer!

33- Why did the goat go to the gym?
Because he wanted to get ripped!

34- How does the husband goat lovingly call his wife?
He lovingly calls her baaaaae.

35- What do you call a goat that lip-syncs?
A “Billy” Vanilli!

36- How do you count a herd of goats?
With a “baa-rometer”!

37- Why did the goat become a musician?
Because he had “excellent” goat-tar skills!

38- Where do you find a goat with no legs?
Right where you left it.

39- What’s a goat’s favorite type of food?

40- What did the goat say to the vegetable garden?
“Lettuce” eat together!

41- What’s a goat’s favorite type of music?

42- What’s a goat’s favourite hobby?
Goat Kart racing.

43- Why were the kids mad at each other?
They goat into a fight.

44- What’s a goat’s favourite sports position?

45- What’s a goat’s favourite film?
The Goatfather.

46- What do you call a goat that can perform magic tricks?

47- What’s a goat’s favourite Eagles song?
Goatel California.

48- What’s a goat’s favourite instrument?
A goatar.

49- What does the goat call a furiendly meet up?
A goat-together.

50- How does the goat greet his friends?
“Hay there!”

51- Why did the goat go to space?
To explore the “baa-laxy”!

52- What’s a goat’s favorite food?


53- Why was the goat late to work?

It goat stuck in traffic!

54- How do goats celebrate their birthdays?

With a “baa-sh” of course!

55- Why did the goat sit in the corner?

It was feeling a bit “baa-d.


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