I’d Like To Speak To The Manager? 15 Funny Karen Memes

Here are the best Karen Memes for those who are a fan of her

Love her or hate her but you just can’t ignore her. Karen is not a name its a position that you earn.
So who is a Karen?
Karen is someone who is described as a typical white women who has short bob cut hair style and who demands to speak to the manager even for the tiniest of reasons. Karens are usually rude to the staff and are very demanding. This gave birth to Karen Memes

Chameleon Memes has compiled these 20 Karen Memes that’ll make you run when she walks into you store. Lets make Karen cool again…

1 – Karen is here fellas

This here is Karen
Source: ahseeit

2 – Karen doesn’t like to hear “No”

every single Karen in 5 mile radius
Source: fakuto

3 – When the manager finally arrives

Getout Karen
Source: Imgur

4 – Super Karen

5 – So what you’re a Judge. Call your manager right now

Karen Judge Meme
Source: Saying Images

6 – Not right now Karen!

bring me thanos
Source: Memedroid

7 – We take expired coupons too, Thank You!

8 – You don’t wanna mess with her.

Once you defeat all the other Karen's this is the final boss
Source: Me.Me

9 – You become what you think

10 – You know its going to be a long day, when you have to face Karen the junkie

When you want to speak to the manager of the meth lab
Source: Meme.Cool

11 – Waiting to talk to the manager be like…

She is standing there because she wants to speak to the manager
Source: Artofit

12 – Even Karens don’t like Karens

13 – Types of Karen

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14 – A Karen Celebration

Karens after defeating the manager
Source: Reditt

15 – The End Of The World.

When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object meme
Source: ebaumsworld



Im not usually a karen - karen memes
Source: EZIDF


Everyone hates Karen - karen memes


Im never gonna shop here - karen memes
Source: avegfoul


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