If I Fits I Sits: These 25 Cats Will Make You Feel Claustrophobic

Here are some of the most hilarious if I fits I sits cat memes that’ll make you scratch your head and say “How?”.

If an empty box of any size is laying unattended and if a cat finds it, that cat will conquer that box and will sit inside it. Large cats in small box or small cats in large box, it doesn’t matter, cats have a simple rule If I Fits I Sits. Cats are the best at this.

The internet is full of cat memes and if I fits I sits meme. When you look at these if i fits I sit, you get a whole bunch of really weird and hilarious memes that will make you laugh out loud.

1 – Say the password if you want to enter in my house

Cat building home
Source: whidbeynice

2 – From here it can keep an on anyone

Cat fits in wall
Source: fourtune8

3 – If I don’t fits, still I sits

cat in Chinese box
Source: whidbeynice

4 – Hey change the goddam music

Cat in dashboard
Source: Imgur

5 – Tea Cat

cat in tea box
Source: whidbeynice

6 – This box is now taken…

Cat in white box
Source: whidbeynice

7 – If the shoe fits I sits

Cat is shoes
Source: imgur

8 – Street cats when they don’t find a box

Cat on street
Source: whidbeynice

9 – Big or small…A cat is a cat

Even the jungle cat
Source: whidbeynice

10 – Cats are in liquid state

forcefully I sits
Source: whidbeynice

11 – I can see you hooman!

I can see you
Source: whidbeynice

12 – Finders keepers…looser weepers

If I fits I sits
Source: whidbeynice

13 – Event the king of the Jungle


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14 – The last cardboard on earth

Meanwhile in the last cardboard on earth
Source: whidbeynice

15 – When you finally find the purrfect box

Orange cat in box
Source: whidbeynice

16 – Cats can literally fit in anything

17 – A coiled up cat snake

18 – How to control your cats

The cat traps are working
Source: whidbeynice

19 – This is my home now hooman

This box is mine
Source: whidbeynice

20 – Get me something to eat

This is mine hooman
Source: whidbeynice

21. Finally figured out!

22. When your Cat shocks the TV Guests

23. Muffin!

Muffin top If I Fit I Sits
Source: mattstkc

24. If I Fits I Sits

Cat on latchIf I Fit I Sits
Source: TheAnxiousCat

25. Here’s an expert!

Level expert - If I Fit I Sits
Source: u/[deleted]

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