25 People Caught Sleeping In Funny & Uncomfortable Positions

Here is the list of people that were caught off guard sleeping in the most hilarious positions.

Sleeping is one of the most fulfilling, relaxing and important things in our lives. When we don’t get enough sleep our whole day is thrown out of whack, and you’ll feel more tired than usual and less focused. In today’s world of chaos, sleeping is completely neglected. Yet, our bodies are much smarter than us and they will take what rightfully belongs to them. Whenever the body gets an opportunity it will take that much required pending rest regardless of place and position.

We wish every day was National Sleep Day! Today Chameleon Memes are featuring some of the funniest pictures of people sleeping in funny, uncomfortable positions that are absolutely hilarious.

1 – Sleeping in back breaker pose

Back breaker
Source: Laptrihnx

2 – Finally at peace

Blanket sleeping scaled
Source: Reditt

3 – Half way through…

Drunk passed out
Source: Shareably

4 – When you’re hungry and sleepy at the same time

Eating and sleeping
Source: BouncyMustard

5 – How drunk you have to be to sleep like this?

How drunk you have to be to sleep like this
Source: Laptrinhx

6 – I want this book

How to sleep well
Source: BouncyMustard

7 – When youre talking to someone and suddenly fall asleep

I too love public transport
Source: Imgur

8 – How you slip into sleep

Knocked out on a train seat
Source: Demilked

9 – Hold your heads tight

resting head meme
Source: BouncyMustard

10 – When you’re super sleepy and there are cockroaches on the floor

Sleep hanging
Source: Hypegalore

11 – When you finally find the spot

sleeping in library
Source: Imgur

12 – When you finally find a pillow

Sleeping on breast
Source: Reditt

13 – Can you be this tired to sleep?

Sleeping on tires
Source: Hitfull

14 – That is why they travel while you’re young

Sleeping on vacation
Source: Imgur


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15 – When you have to sleep but also keep an eye for incoming threats

Sleeping with one eye open 1
Source: Reditt

16 – When you make the most of you’re flexibility

Slept on flight
Source: Demilked

17 – Sleeping upside down for better blood circulation

Unside down
Source: Hitfull

18 – Waking up will be hard

waking up will be hard
Source: Pintrest

19 – This is why never sleep in your office

When you fall asleep in office
Source: Imgur

20 – When you fall asleep while reading a magzine

When you fell asleep while reading a magzine
Source: Bored Panda



Sleeping on airport
Source: shrek0623


Sleeping at work
Source: Reddit


Bag in guitar
Source: Imgur


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