25 Hilarious Sleeping Memes That Everyone Will Relate To

These sleeping memes are funny, accurate and relatable. And they might help you get your crazy mind off things and finally fall asleep.

Sleeping Memes for insomniac Supremes. We all know the struggles of falling asleep is real and is where sleeping memes come over. Getting 8 hours of sleep is important for a healthy mind and body. Its late in night and you’re still wide awake struggling to fall asleep. Maybe you’re having crazy thoughts, or perhaps you’re overthinking about something and unable to sleep, or you’re thirsty, or you just peed and came back from the toilet and you feel like going back to the toilet again. Whatever the reasons you just cant fall asleep and probably counting the hours until your alarm goes off.

Chameleon Memes has compiled a list of sleeping memes that are extremely accurate & relatable. From weird sleeping positions to peculiar bedding choices we’ve covered it all..

1 – How to avoid ghosts

5 year old me sleeping
Source: Memedroid

2 – Keep it running, Im watching it with my eyes closed

Are you watching the movie
Source: Kapwing

3 – Dodging this tricky moment

going to bed at reasonable hours
Source: RuinMyWeek

4 – Event the doctors are not about to tell why my back hurts

I dont know why my back hurts
Source: Memedroid

5 – Me every night before going to sleep

I need to go to sleep early
Source: LetsEatCake

6 – Let it rest for another 5 minutes

Let that potato rest
Source: iFunny

7 – I think I’m getting old

Me in my thirties
Source: Memedroid

8 – How not to lose sleep in the middle of night when you go peeing

Me peeing in the middle of the night
Source: Idiva

9 – My precious 15 minutes

Me risking my job, career
Source: Twitter

10 – When Its time for bed

me to my brain Its time to sleep
Source: RuinMyWeek

11 – This is why i used to fail in maths

Me trying to get 8 hours of sleep in just 3 hours
Source: FamilyMinded

12 – The only thing that can wake me up

13 – That tough moment

Setting my alarm for 7am at 3am
Source: Filmdaily

14 – Me whole night vs me 8 minutes before alarm

Trying to sleep
Source: LetsEatCake

15 – Lets show them how its done

When people ask you how you function on 3 hours of sleep
Source: Ahseeit

16 – When you cant sleep but you have to wake up early

when you cant sleep but you have to wakeup early
Source: FilmDaily

17 – When your alarm goes off the morning

Source: FilmDaily

18 – Paranormal activity

When your google home speaker wakes you up
Source: Memedroid

19 – When you’re sleeping on the couch and someone wakes you up

20 – That’s just too much thinking over there

when you're thinking too much about sleep
Source: RuinMyWeek






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