Pulled Over By Police: 25 Memes That’ll Get You Arrested For Laughing Too Loud

Funniest getting pulled over by police memes that’ll get you arrested for laughing too loud

The first thing that will pop in your mind when you see a police car in your rearview mirror is that you have been pulled over and need to pull over or else…

I said pull over
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Police memes are viral memes created with the intention of humorously mocking or criticizing police officers when they pull you over, it’s usually done in comic sense and includes captions that range from “I’m sorry officer, I thought you wanted to race” to “I’m sorry officer but I can’t stop speeding… the earth is spinning way over the speed limit in this zone.”

Chameleon Memes has compiled a list of funny pulled over by police memes that’ll make you reach for your license and registration

1 – Cop Pulled Over A Wrong Man.

2 – When you have everything you need

3 – When you’re trying to sell some good stuff to the cops

Do you have any drugs or weapons in the car
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4 – How to avoid cop from pulling you over

Its a cardigan
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5 – What’s the matter guys

Getting pulled over by the cops like

6 – When you ask cop for some suggestion

Have you been drinking out today
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7 – Floor it!

He's got no backup floor it
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8 – When the cop asks you “How high are you sir”

How high are you right now sir
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9 – When you don’t use turning signals

I pulled you over for not using turning signs
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10 – So what you’re a kid

I said pull over Im just a kid
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11 – Even cops can forget at times

look if you forgot im not reminding you
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12 – Innocence at its best

Mam did you know you had a tail light out
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13 – Always invite the cop inside

Please step out of the car
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14 – When you win


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15 – How high are you?

son how high are you
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16 – A scientific pull over

Speed is relative
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17 – When you don’t know what you’re supposed to do with the speeding ticket

what am I supposed to do with this speeding ticket
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18 – When Cops Asks If You’ve Seen Anything Unusual

19 – When The Cops Are Running Low On Dogs

20 – When cops pull you over for breaking the sound barrier

when cops pull you over because you were doing Mach 3
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You know why im standing here - Pulled Over By Police
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Pulled over 45 times - Pulled Over By Police
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I have virus - Pulled Over By Police
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