35 Relationship Memes That Captures The Chaos Of Being In A Relationship

Here are relationship memes that captures the best & worst of being in a relationship

Relationship memes can be the most relatable for a lot of people who are in a relationship. These funny relationship memes will make you laugh at how lovely, messy and crazy being in a relationship can be. The most important thing to remember in a relationship is that you should never lose your sense of humor. And to make sure you don’t, we’ve gathered hilarious relationship memes to make you laugh or cry at the same time.

1 – When you have to get your eyes checked

2 – Girls after 1 week in relationship be like…

3 – Listening to your significant other talk about their day

Listening to your significant other talk about their day

4 – How to get S.O attention

me on my way to annoy my man
Source: Lovethispic

5 – When hunger strikes

me ready to get some food after cursing my man
Source: MsClearSIight

6 – Showering your man with love after you just pissed him off

7 – When they’re about to leave

Then they are about to leave
Source: NachosWarfare

8 – How to spoil the happy moments

This day is going great
Source: IOnceCalledMyTeacherMomByMistake

9 – When the cuddling stops

When bae stops cuddling me
Source: NachosWarfare

10 -When you piss her off

What do you bring to the table
Source: NachosWarfare

11 – When a girl finally decides to tell you whats wrong

When a girl finally decides to tell you what's wrong
Source: NachosWarfare

12 – When bae gets out of the shower

when bae gets out of shower looking like a snack

13 – When bae takes more than 1 minute to reply

When bae takes more than 1 minute to reply
Source: NachosWarfare

14 – When he doesn’t reply you on time

When he doesn't reply
Source: NachosWarfare

15 – Even guys can do this

when he finally texts you a paragraph of how he feels
Source: NachosWarfare

16 – When you start following his instructions

When he starts yelling too many instruction
Source: Fairy0T0ale

17 – When he stops cuddling

When he stops cuddling you and sleeps facing other side
Source: MsClearSIight

18 – When he tries to walk out of an argument

19 – When ordering food becomes difficult

When my man asks me what I want to eat
Source: MsClearSIight

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20 – Fear of commitment

21 – When the restaurant gets my order wrong

22 – When you’re boyfriend starts acting like Arnold

When you are waiting for your boyfriend to get in bed
Source: NachosWarfare

23 – When you check to see if your girlfriend is still pissed

When you check to see if your girlfriend is still pissed

Source: MsClearSIight

24 – The moment of realization

25 – When you sleepover at his house

When you sleepover at his house

26 – When you tell everyone you’re love story

When you tell the story of you fell in love

27 – When touching is necessary

28 – When Your Boyfriend Is The Dramatic One In The Relationship

when youre boyfriend is dramatic one in relationship
Source: chameleonmemes.

29 – When you’re mad at bae but still care

30 – When he finally learns to handle you

When you're throwing random mood swings
Source: ifunny


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