25 “When You Order From Wish Memes” That Will Make You Wish You Never Ordered From Wish

Here are some of the funniest “When you order from Wish Memes” that you will regret it immediately.

If you’re anything like me, you love love to shop online and especially from wish. But what you may not know is that there’s a dark side to ordering from wish. For those who don’t know, Wish is an online store that sells, well, just about everything. And I do mean everything. You can find everything from clothes to electronics to space crafts.

When you order from Wish, you expect to get cheap knock-offs of popular products. But what you don’t expect is for the product to be so terrible that it’s actually funny. And while some of the products are funny, most of them are just cringey and will make you regret ordering from Wish immediately.

When You Order From Wish Memes are a testament to the sometimes absurd and bizarre items you might receive when shopping on the platform. So, if you’re considering ordering from Wish, we urge you to think again. And if you’re looking for a good laugh, checkout some of the funniest “When You order From Wish Memes”.

1 – Dogccoli

brocolli dog
Source: knowyourmeme

2 – Ordering rappers from Wish is risky

buying concert ticket on wish
Source: reddit

3 – Look what they did to the best game ever…

carl on duty
Source: knowyourmeme

4 – Not in shape of you

edsheran from wish
Source: memegine

5 – If you can see it the how can it be an invisibility clock

invisibility cloak
Source: knowyourmeme

6 – What I ordered vs What I got

Jason momoa from wish
Source: blog.wish

7 – The deadliest thing you can buy on wish

Ordering saddam from wish
Source: knowyourmeme

8 – You just name it…and they got it

space craft on wish
Source: knowyourmeme

9 – Trampooline

trampoline with pool
Source: knowyourmeme

10 – When you call 9-1-1 on wish

when you call 911 on wish
Source: knowyourmeme

11 – 10 cents

when you order 50 cent from wish
Source: imgflip

12 – You got CheatedMan

when you order aquaman from wish
Source: memeguy

13 – Now I know why it was soo cheap

when you order furniture from wish
Source: ifunny

14 – When you order a mirror from wish


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15 – I’m Iron Deficiency Man

when you order robert downey jr from wish
Source: knowyourmeme

16 – Star Wars Trilogy on Wish

When you order start wars triology from wish
Source: knowyourmeme

17 – They even selling prehistoric monuments

when you order stone henge from wish
Source: imgflip

18 – When you ordered tires from wish

when you ordered your tyres from wish
Source: knowyourmeme

19 – Wish ads be like…

wish ads be like
Source: knowyourmeme

20 – They call it Soda.

yoda from wish
Source: knowyourmeme


When you order eminem - When you order from wish memes
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When you order invisibility cloak - When you order from wish memes
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