You’ve Goat to Be Kidding Me: 50 Goat Puns to Make Ewe Chuckle

When it comes to animal humor, goats puns often take the crown for being the most pun-tastic creatures around. Their playful nature, expressive eyes, and mischievous antics make them a constant source of amusement.

Whether you’re a fan of these fluffy creatures or simply appreciate a good pun, Chameleon Memes has compiled a list of 50 goat puns that will surely make ewe chuckle.

Goat Puns

1- What do you call a beard on a billy?
A goatee.

2- What did the goat love watching every Saturday night?
Americas Goat Talent.

3- What is a goat’s favorite animal at the zoo?
An alli-goat-or.

4- What does a goat usually have for breakfast?

5- Which president did the goat like the most?
Billy Clinton.

6- What’s a sporty goat’s go-to drink?

7- What did the mama goat and her kids do each night?
Read scary goat stories!

8- What did the angry goat say to her husband?
“Don’t goat me started.”

9- What did the sheep say when the billy ate her dinner?
“You have goat to be kidding me!”

10- What a Goats favorite Michael Jackson song?
I’m baaaaaaad.

11- What do you get when you cross a rabbit and a goat?
You get a hare in your milk.

12- What did the boy goat tell his friend when he saw a past crush?
She’s the one that goat away.

13- What do you call a mountain goat?
A hillbilly.

14- Where did the goat go to get his hair trimmed?
The baaaa-ber

15- What are a goat’s favorite song lyrics?
“I goat to get up to get down!”

16- Why is it so hard to have a good conversation with a goat?
Because they’re always butting in.

17- What did the kid say when he pranked his parents?

18- What did the goat who was very bored, say?

19- As two hungry goats were eating movie film stock, one turned to the other and said,
“I don’t know about you, but I thought the book was better.”

20- Which artist do goats love the most?
Vincent Van Goat.

21- Why are goats from France so musical?
Because they have French horns.

22- What do you call a goat dressed up as a clown?
A silly billy.

23- What does a goat say when he has to repeat himself?
“Here we goat again.”

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24- Why did the goat run off a cliff?
Because it didn’t see the ewe-turn.

25- What did the goat say when he had an argument with his friend?
“I don’t want to butt heads with you.”

26- Where do nanny goats give a kid a bath?
In a baaa-th tub.

27- What did the kid goat want to be when she grew up?
A baaa-lerina.

28- What do you call a goat swimming really fast in a lake?
A motor goat.

29- What’s a goat’s favorite quote?
No goats, no glory.

30- What’s a goat’s favorite TV show?
“Game of Goats”!

31- What did the bald goat say when he looked in the mirror?
“I wish I had mohair!”

32- What’s a goat’s favorite type of cookie?
Baa-nilla wafer!

33- Why did the goat go to the gym?
Because he wanted to get ripped!

34- How does the husband goat lovingly call his wife?
He lovingly calls her baaaaae.

35- What do you call a goat that lip-syncs?
A “Billy” Vanilli!

36- How do you count a herd of goats?
With a “baa-rometer”!

37- Why did the goat become a musician?
Because he had “excellent” goat-tar skills!

38- Where do you find a goat with no legs?
Right where you left it.

39- What’s a goat’s favorite type of food?

40- What did the goat say to the vegetable garden?
“Lettuce” eat together!

41- What’s a goat’s favorite type of music?

42- What’s a goat’s favourite hobby?
Goat Kart racing.

43- Why were the kids mad at each other?
They goat into a fight.

44- What’s a goat’s favourite sports position?

45- What’s a goat’s favourite film?
The Goatfather.

46- What do you call a goat that can perform magic tricks?

47- What’s a goat’s favourite Eagles song?
Goatel California.

48- What’s a goat’s favourite instrument?
A goatar.

49- What does the goat call a furiendly meet up?
A goat-together.

50- How does the goat greet his friends?
“Hay there!”

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