20 Hilarious Moon Memes to Light Up International Moon Day

International Moon Day is celebrated on 20 July. It’s a time to appreciate the celestial wonder that has captured the imagination of humans for centuries. And what better way to celebrate than with a good dose of laughter? In honor of this special day, we’ve compiled a collection of 20 hilarious moon memes that are guaranteed to light up your day and leave you howling with laughter.

These moon memes will take you on a cosmic journey of humor, showcasing the playful side of our lunar neighbor. From witty wordplay to clever visual puns, each meme offers a unique twist that will tickle your funny bone. Whether it’s a humorous take on the moon’s phases, lunar eclipses, or even moonwalking, these funny memes are a delightful blend of astronomy and comedy.

Get ready to be over the moon with laughter as you scroll through these lunar-themed memes. They will remind you that while the moon may be a symbol of mystery and romance, it can also be the subject of hilarious jokes and clever humor. Share them with your friends and family to spread the joy and celebrate International Moon Day in style.

So, buckle up and prepare for a cosmic chuckle fest as we dive into this collection of 20 hilarious moon memes. Let the laughter take you on a celestial journey and brighten your International Moon Day with these light-hearted and amusing creations. From puns that will make you groan to memes that will leave you in stitches, these lunar-inspired gems are sure to make your day astronomically entertaining.


Cant believe some people stil think - Moon Memes
Source: marvelday201


Aliens invaded the moon - Moon Memes
Source: Peebee




Did you see the super moon - Moon Memes
Source: jacobp1997



Excuse me pisa tower - Moon Memes
Source: Bolt93


First woman on the moon - Moon Memes
Source: Jack_The_Raper



Me as a kid seeing moon during the day - Moon Memes
Source: rexthegoat


Moon landing was faked with cgi - Moon Memes
Source: LEWIS55


Moons massive tonight - Moon Memes
Source: Mireska


People when moon goes in front of the sun - Moon Memes
Source: ItzWadi


So you can survive in moon light - Moon Memes
Source: DaMusicGamer


Take a selfie - Moon Memes
Source: WhiteLies

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7 year old me in the car - Moon Memes
Source: 27swifsd

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