20 Best “Meanwhile In A Parallel Universe Memes”

A treasury of best “Meanwhile In A Parallel Universe Memes” that will add laughter to your day

A treasury of best “Meanwhile In A Parallel Universe Memes” that will add laughter to your day

We had to go deep into the parallel universe to fetch you these parallel universe memes

According to the science, parallel universe is just a science fiction. The scientific community has no definitive proof for the existence of parallel universes, so for the time being, the answer is “We don’t know”.

You have probably heard about the parallel universe too, but do you know what the life in parallel universe looks like?

What if we tell you what happens when you get out of your current universe into another one, which is quite different from the previous one? Well, this thought is quite surprising & confusing, but it appears in the imagination of many people. In fact, there are many questions that are raised by you and honestly we are not here to answer those questions, but we can give an idea of what a parallel universe may look like with these – Meanwhile In A Parallel Universe Memes

These meanwhile in a parallel universe memes will take you farther in the universe than the James Webb Space Telescope

1 – When you wake up in parallel universe

2 – Some good to know facts about parallel universe

did you know that there are more airplanes in ocean than submarines in sky
Source: Memedroid

3 – How ghosts behave in parallel universe

do you believe in Humans meme
Source: Me.Me

4 – They have doghot

5 – John Wick in alternate universe be like

John Wick dies meme
Source: Me.Me

6 – Meanwhile…somewhere in alternate universe

man taking shit in parallel universe
Source: Onsizzle

7 – Time to take my own place in some other universe

Me choking myself in parallel universe meme
Source: Stayhipp

8 – When you finally meet yourself

Me looking myself in parallel universe
Source: Nowthisnews

9 – Their google has human game

Meanwhile in parallel universe
Source: Pintrest

10 – Men-while in alternate universe

11 – Vending machines in parallel universe be like…

parallel universe vending machine
Source: Memedroid

12 – They are not there yet…

13 – Scientists may have discovered parallel universe and they have proof of it

scientists have discovered a parallel universe
Source: Imgflip

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14 – They have straight rights movement

why are you straight meme
Source: 9Gag

15 – Peoples Style is famous in alternate universe


faster human
Source: mexicankebab





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