20 Cat Memes That Prove Humans Are Slaves To Cats

Here is a list of 15 funny cat memes which prove that cats treat their humans like slaves

Cat memes are the real power of the internet. Without cat memes everything on the internet world be bland. And if you own a cat you would know how cute, entertaining and funny cats are.

We think that we own our cats but we don’t, in reality we’ll do anything our cats wants us to do. All they have to do is just look at us with their big hypnotic eyes and we bow down to them like slaves. Once they have control over us they become our lords and start demanding treats.

There’s a saying that Dogs have owners and Cats have slaves. If you don’t believe us, we at Chameleon Memes have compiled a list of 15 memes which prove that Cats think of us humans as their slaves…

1 – Sign the slavery contract Human

Worship Me Hooman - cat memes
Source: Dumpaday

2 – The Success Story

I used to feed myself now I make my human slave do it - cat memes
Source: Makeameme

3 – Hurry Up with the construction!

 - cat memes
Source: Thecatsite

4 – Just leave it here…

I have claimed this tiny human for myself - cat memes
Source: Pintrest

5 – Think Again!

think again - cat memes
Source: Pintrest

6 – Serve the food before if scratch you

My dear human food will not serve itself meme - cat memes
Source: Pintrest

7 – A catly conversation

You mean slaves - cat memes
Source: Pintrest

8 – Humans are trying their best…

The slave is not learning - cat memes
Source: Imgflip

9 – Lets search for catnip

Be patient that dumb human salve keeps the cat nip in here - cat memes
Source: Imgflip

10 – It 3am Time For A Slappy Slap

11 – Carry me to my food

Carry me to my food slave - cat memes
Source: 9gag

12 – Clean it up

Now clean it up - cat memes
Source: Dumpaday

13 – My Dog vs My Cat

14 – Now kiss it

now kiss it - cat memes
Source: Dumpaday

15 – Never Forget Hooman That I’m The King And You’re My Slave…You May Go Now.

16. Human Salve!

Demands a belly rub - cat memes
Source: Quicklime

17. How cats feel knowing they have slaves for life.

how cats feel - cat memes
Source: Motide

18. Poop Thief!

Keep stealing my poop - cat memes
Source: Pintrest

19. Clean it up!

Ofcourse it was me - cat memes
Source: Dumpaday

20. Pathetic.

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