25 Stoner Memes That Will Make You Laugh All The Way To Galaxy

Stoner Memes are here to get you high on laughter

It’s a Bird…Its a Plane…Its a Stoner Flying High On Weed.

Weather Marijuana is legal or illegal more and more people are indulging in the green plant. Some do it to relax the mind some do it for recreational purposes and some do it coz they always wanna fly high

stoner memes
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Stoner memes are funny because they are relatable to anyone who has ever smoked weed or consumed edibles. These weed memes will have you chuckling along as you roll your next blunt.

Scrolling through stoner memes while stoned? Now that’s the good stuff.

We have rolled up a compilation of Stoner Memes that will make you laugh for the rest of the day. So sit back, blaze it up, take a hit and get ready to laugh

1 – Stress Buster plant

2 – Money can buy by a bag full of happiness

money cant buy you happiness
Source: Twitter

3 – Looks delicious

I was out of papers stoner memes
Source: thechive

4 – Okay, we get your point

legalize Marijuana
Source: knowyourmeme

5 – My sore throat & cough watching me

my throat and cough watching me
Source: pinterest

6 – The first hit of the day

the first hit of the day stoner memes
Source: thechive

7 – When you underestimate the edibles

This edible aint shit
Source: ranker

8 – When you have to leave the party for better reasons

us leaving the party early
Source: facebook

9 – Yes, this happend

uses microwave enters pin stoner memes
Source: 421flavors

10 – When uncle gets high on weed

11 – When you’re stoned and try to blend in

when youre stoned and try to blend in 1
Source: Pintres

12 – When this happens

13 – A new stoner is in town

when you hot box in the car
Source: pinterest

14 – When you smell the weed

when you see youre neighbors blazing
Source: ebaumsworld

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15 – First timers be like

16 – When you make yourself laugh

when your smoking by yourself and make yourself laugh
Source: wattpad

17 – When you just high as a rocket

when you're friend are talking about something serious stoner memes
Source: ebaumsworld

18 – Which zone is this?

When you're high and someone is talking to you but you're zoned out
Source: pinterest

19 – When you tryna be cool

when you're high and trying to be cool in public stoner memes

20 – How do I get this high?

when you're high but not as high as you're friend
Source: ebaumsworld






Playing fetch
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