30 Dad Humor Jokes That Are Bound to Elicit Eye-Rolls and Giggles

Unleash the Groans and Giggles: Dive into the World of Dad Humor Jokes

Looking for a quick chuckle mixed with a healthy dose of eye-rolling? Look no further than the realm of Dad Humor Jokes. These classic quips, known for their pun-tastic nature and groan-worthy punchlines, are a staple of dad humor everywhere. Whether you’re a dad yourself, have a dad, or simply appreciate a good (or should I say bad?) joke, these Dad Jokes are sure to elicit both eye-rolls and giggles in equal measure.

One-liner Dad jokes are like the fast food of comedy – quick, satisfying, and often leaving you with a mixture of regret and amusement. From puns that make you audibly groan to clever wordplay that sneaks up on you, Dad Humor Jokes cover a wide spectrum of humor that’s uniquely suited to fathers and father figures everywhere.

Many of these jokes have been lovingly collected from various sources, including the ever-popular subreddit “r/dadjokes,” where users share their best (or worst) Dad Jokes for all to enjoy. It’s a treasure trove of puns, wordplay, and humor that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Dad Humor. So, whether you’re in need of a quick laugh or just want to roll your eyes at some expertly crafted puns, dive into these Dad Humor Jokes and prepare for a mix of groans and giggles.

    1. All I asked my son to do was to not use my whistle. But he blew it. – God-2008

    2. To whoever stole my place in line at the grocery store….I’m after you now – God-2008

    3. What do you call a criminal riding a donkey?
    A bad ass driver. – TheQuietKid22

    4. What’s deaths favorite time of day?
    Mourning – God-2008

    5. What do you call an attractive monster?
    Pretty scary. – TheQuietKid22

    6. My wife says I’m the most stubborn and strong-willed person she’s ever met…
    But I refuse to accept that. – TheQuietKid22

    7. I love the way the earth rotates
    It makes my dayc – God-2008

    8. It was so cold yesterday my computer froze.
    It was my own fault though, I left too many windows open. – God-2008

    9. Recently I watched the movie about the history of mathematics
    A lot of positives and negatives – God-2008

    10. What do you call a man who lost his phone?
    You don’t call him – God-2008

    11. I’m reading a book where the main character lost his spine
    That’s his backstory – God-2008

    12. I told a joke on a Zoom meeting and no one laughed
    I guess I’m not remotely funny – God-2008

    13. My dad always said he got his best sleep on public transportation
    Great guy, terrible bus driver. – God-2008

    14. Recently I bought a pair of sneakers from a drug dealer
    I don’t know what he laced them with but I’ve been tripping all day – God-2008

    15. Did you hear about the man who only paid 5 cents for a prosthetic eye?
    His name was Nikolai. – TheQuietKid22

    16. What did the sushi say to the bee?
    Wasabi. – TheQuietKid22

    17. I woke up to find my mustache was missing this morning.
    Someone must have stolen it right under my nose. – TheQuietKid22

    18. What do you get when you eat Uranium?
    Atomic ache. – TheQuietKid22

    19. What music do Bunnies listen to?
    Hip hop. – TheQuietKid22

    20. What do sprinters eat before a race?
    Nothing, they fast. – thumbsup_baby

    21. I used to work at a factory making plastic Draculas.
    I was only one of two employees, so I had to make every second Count. – OctoberFire1

    22. My wife didn’t believe me when I said I was going to build a car out of spaghetti.
    You should have seen her face when I drove pasta. – OctoberFire1

    23. To the person who stole my Microsoft Office: I will not rest until I find you.
    You have my Word. – OctoberFire1

    24. I got mugged by six dwarves last night.
    Not Happy. – OctoberFire1

    25. I accidentally rubbed ketchup in my eyes.
    Now I have Heinzsight. – OctoberFire1

    26. Mr. T will never know what happened to his long lost brother…
    Mr. E – OctoberFire1

    27. A guy went to a costume party carrying a woman on his back…
    Doorman asked. “What are you supposed to be?”,
    “A turtle”
    “What’s on your back?”
    “That’s Michelle”. – OctoberFire1

    28. I boiled my funny bone…
    Now I have a laughing stock. – OctoberFire1

    29. I told my therapist that everyone hates and dislikes me.
    He replied…Dont be silly, everyone doesn’t know you! – berkleysquare

    30. Why do Aliens always spill there coffee?
    Because they drink from flying saucers. – berkleysquare


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